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C3P is a center for contemporary thought that promotes social justice through artistic practice, research, critical pedagogy and capacity building. C3P supports the artistic community and community groups in the areas of citizenship, human rights, gender, social reintegration, peacebuilding, organizational development and artistic practice. 


C3P began by supporting the local artistic community with exhibitions, workshops, public talks and artist residencies. It gradually began to incorporate art and creativity in community based educational and research programs that address issues social inequalities and political consciousness. The School for Common Living provides workshops, classes and programs for inmates in the local prisons, children, young people, teachers and university students to empower them by stimulating and promoting an understanding of their history and context, curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, AV skills and professional development. OCCULUS is a community based, cultural, urban and social observatory that researches issues relevant to the community; it produces articles and publications related to its programs and research, offers seminars and public talks on contemporary topics and accompanies existing and established social and cultural groups in strengthening their organizations and practices.


C3P believes that need and compassion are the motors and that art, creativity, knowledge and critical thinking are the tools for making change happen.


Our programs have benefited more than 5,000 people including 3,000 girls, boys and young people, members of the LGTBI community, ex-FARC combatants, municipal employees, inmates in the prison system in Medellin, other community based organizations and the general public in Medellín and the surrounding areas.


Through our artistic, research and educational programs we inspire, motivate and accompany individuals and organizations in the creation of new visions for the future, and in turning those visions into reality.