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We create knowledge to generate changes

School for common living

Education and capacity building

The School for Common Living (SCL) offers workshops, classes and programs for inmates in local prisons, children, youth, teachers and university students to empower them by stimulating and promoting the understanding of their history and context, curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, audiovisual and professional skills to strengthen coexistence, citizen participation, civic awareness, academic and economic opportunities.



Traces of freedom

Strengthen technical skills and generate dialogues around issues that are important in the reintegration and empowerment of those deprived of liberty in prisons in Colombia



Encourage curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and the empowerment of girls, boys and young people


Unlearning Labs

Teachers and teachers acquire a critical stance towards the context in which they will unfold, and build solid foundations to plan creative pedagogical strategies, according to the approach and their particular problems


Internship Center

Contributes to the education of students with interests related to the programs and work areas of the Casa Tres Patios Foundation, through significant experiences based on C3P programs and focused on their areas of study that contribute to the comprehensive development of their professional profile .

Topics we work on



We work with children, youth and adults to create critical, collaborative, creative, proactive people who are able to visualize and act to change their futures and society.


Community projects

C3P has contacts in both the general community and the artistic and cultural community. In the context of the pandemic, C3P provided support to various groups and families to help them with their economic and nutritional needs.

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