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Young voices in times of crisis

In the framework of the audiovisual school, in 2021 C3P was awarded funding for DEVELOPMENT AND STIMULUS FOR ART AND CULTURE, from the Secretary of Culture of Medellín in order to explore and make visible the experiences and concerns of the young people in Medellín within the framework of the pandemic and social outbreak in 2021.

The Research-Creation Laboratory relied on arts based and participatory research methodologies in order to generate of knowledge and specific actions (in this case communicative and expressive), which contribute to the solution of the structural problems of our society.

To learn more about the proposal click here. (in Spanish)

This project represents the praxis between two pillars of Casa Tres Patios: the research program OCCULUS, which is a community based, cultural, urban and social observatory; and on the other, the education program School for Common Living  that focuses on aspects of citizen ship and living together. In this way, the participants of the Audiovisual School become co-researchers who can interact with other young people in order to compare their perceptions about different aspects of the broadly proposed topic. Among many other tools, they learn about investigative processes such as information gathering, data analysis (ethnography, experimentation, participant observation, focus groups, interviews, bibliographic review and social cartography); and the documentation and dialogue that audiovisual techniques can generate. 


The members of the group are:


Alejandra Perez

Daniela Henao Alvarez

Hector Cadavid Alava

Jeyson rivera

Jose Vallejo Zapata

Juan Pablo Salazar

Lorena Sanabria Sanabria

Sebastian Parra Arenas

Valentina martinez

Yulia Galvis Alzate


The participants are accompanied in the research area by Claudia Cano, anthropologist and OCCULUS researcher, and Manuela Vargas, the coordinator of the Audio-visual school in C3P.


To learn more about the results, the final report can be found here. (in Spanish)


Photos and videos

Young voices in times of crisis

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