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Local residences



Local curators, artists, architects, and academics whose works relate to current curatorial theme

What does this process promote?

Critical thinking

Casa Tres Patios started the CuBO.X project in 2013 for the artists of Medellín as a space for experimentation. In 2018 , CuBO.X continues the proposal to generate a multidisciplinary process that, in addition to artists, invites people from the academic context (professors, postgraduate students from various areas) to participate in an alternative space that enables them to nurture their research, developments and inquiries in a context outside the traditional academic environment.

CuBO.X calls for reflection on creation formulas, which implies that artists get out of their comfort zone and engage in a series of critical and horizontal conversations about their experience.


During their participation in CuBO.X, residents discuss their creative advances with the public through three socialization activities that they carry out at various times during their residency: at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end.


During 2 months the resident will have at his disposal the resources of the house, including a workspace that may or may not be intervened. In addition, C3P offers its management capacity to contact and summon one or more local guests who represent for the resident a support to their process, these can be from the municipal administration, the academic sector, private companies, among others. Likewise, in order to offer the public the possibility of knowing the resident's work and contributing to the research topic, socialization encounters such as talks, exhibitions or workshops are proposed.


CuBO.X residents 2015 - 2019


CuBO.X - Local artist residences


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