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Unlearning Laboratories

Unlearning Laboratories

​Casa Tres Patios has developed pedagogical strategies to encourage critical and divergent thinking with a variety of audiences. We have consolidated these experiences on our methodology; Creative Comunal Laboratories.


We call the teacher training processes, in which we share the methodology of Casa Tres Patios, Unlearning Laboratories. It is an exercise to learn to unlearn what we already know, to question how we see ourselves and our context, and to give rise to new understandings in the processes of social transformation.


In the laboratories, the pedagogical model is shared with teachers, facilitators, leaders, and other people interested in training processes, based on workshops that encourage reflection on the context of the participants and facilitate the creation of creative spaces, critical thinking, intervention, and social transformation.


The laboratories contribute to the formation of a critical stance towards the various contexts, which allows the teachers and workshop facilitators to plan pedagogical strategies in accordance with the projects in which they participate.


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