Unlearning Laboratories

  • Share the pedagogical model of Casa Tres Patios, the Common Creation Laboratories with facilitators, leaders and other people interested in developing training processes, based on workshops that use this methodology, fostering reflections on what we do and facilitating the creation of spaces for intervention and social transformation .


  • Contribute to the formation of a critical stance in the face of different contexts, which allow trainers to plan pedagogical strategies in accordance with the projects in which they participate.  


  • More than 160 workshops aimed at creatives from the Medellín Visual Arts Network (held since 2012)

  • 12 workshops aimed at the creatives of the project "A common space. The right to a new story of Medellín". proposed in partnership with Comfama. (2018)

  • 1 workshop aimed at community leaders and people from different areas of knowledge, interested in advancing processes of social transformation. (2018)




Since 2012, Casa Tres Patios has developed pedagogical strategies to promote critical and divergent thinking with a diverse audience; We have consolidated these experiences in our methodology, the Common Creation Laboratories.  


We call the training processes, in which we share the Casa Tres Patios methodology, Unlearning Laboratories. It is an exercise to learn to unlearn what we already know and know, to question how we see ourselves and our context and give rise to new understandings in the processes of social transformation.