Audiovisual School



The main purpose of the Audiovisual School is to give theoretical and practical training and experience for the group of young people who enroll in the school by documenting the projects and programs in Casa Tres Patios. 


List of past and present participants


Manuela Vargas, filmmaker and audiovisual artist from Medellín, is the main teacher and who is in charge of the Audiovisual School.



  • Yeison Rivera, student of Social Communication at the University of Medellín

  • David Gil, music student at the University of Antioquia

  • Yuliana Galvis and Carolina Montoya, students of Visual Arts at the National University

  • Juliana Gallego, student of Social Communication at the University of Antioquia.


People who have also participated in the training of the students of the Audiovisual School: Sara Lazarín, coordinator of the Pedagogy area of ​​Casa Tres Patios; Fátima Correa, filmmaker and artist from Medellín and Miguel Vargas, electronic artist and part of the Unloquer collective.




Since 2015, the students of the Audiovisual School carry out the registration and monitoring of the artists who are part of the local CuBO.X residencies .

Since 2017 audiovisual training has been strengthened, at a theoretical and practical level. For the second semester of 2018, the training of the members was deepened, complementing the audiovisual practice in the CuBO.X registry with theoretical practical classes and tasks.



Audiovisual School