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Empower mediators in the public spaces of Medellín in the creative transformation of conflicts for coexistence.


  • Understand the concepts: mediation, violence and conflict.

  • Assume new habits focused on promoting dialogue and negotiation in their close environments.

  • Apply the knowledge obtained during the process in a coexistence experience.



9 laboratories
220 public servants
6 areas of the Mayor's Office of Medellín: mobility, public space, Police, the network of schools, CIF, attention to the public of the Mayor's Office, artistic and cultural training networks



Medellín's public servants have a decisive role in mediating needs and conflicts between the Public Administration and the ordinary citizen. Hence the importance of developing tools that favor the creative transformation of conflicts.


Inspired by the work of the artist Adriana Ramírez entitled The following dozen, in which the participants agree to cook a menu from which everyone can eat and be satisfied, 9 laboratories were carried out with public servants from Medellín. The process of preparing a lunch collectively with people who did not know each other previously, was the excuse to talk about mediation and conflict transformation.



Sensitivity Labs - Mediators

in the Public Space

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