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Internship Center

Interns and their projects

Internship Center



  • The academic internship center seeks to contribute to the training of students with interests related to the programs and work areas of the Casa Tres Patios Foundation, through meaningful learning experiences, focused on their areas of study, and that contribute to comprehensive development of your professional profile.


Expected goal of interns


  • Contribute to the transdisciplinary creative exercise and the exchange of knowledge in the artistic, pedagogical and cultural field, from the experience that arises as a student in professional practice, through support, learning and contribution to C3P processes and programs, which involve planning, administration, promotion, research and artistic, pedagogical and cultural production.




  • Number of interns until 2018: 23

  • Number of educational institutions that have joined the Internship Center: 4 (Universidad de Antioquia, Fundación Universitaria de Bellas Artes, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano - ITM and Fundación Universitaria Minuto de Dios - Uniminuto)



The Practice Center was born out of the interest in promoting research, creation and experimentation experiences, integrated into current social dynamics; based on the various dynamics that are generated in the city's higher education institutions.


It is an opportunity aimed at students from different disciplines to apply their academic learning in the projects and programs developed by Casa Tres Patios.


Open call in: Communication - Curatorship - Research


If you want to participate, please write to:


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