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We promote social justice

But we cannot do it alone

Social justice in Colombia

There is a long history of violence and social injustice in Colombia and Medellín.

The power structure and rampant corruption have created a complex situation in which social injustice can proliferate.

The level of income disparity in Colombia is one of the highest in the world.

Violence, crime and corruption have become normal and hinder economic opportunities for large sectors of the population.


Equality is for everyone

We all deserve to live in dignified situations and have equal opportunities in terms of health, education and work.

What we do

We address the following
sustainable development goals:

The end of poverty
Gender equality
Reduce inequality
Decent work and sustainable economy
Peace, justice and strong institutions

School for common living

Education and training

SCL is an artistic, pedagogical and political project based on the pedagogy of liberation (critical pedagogy) that seeks:


  • Generate social awareness about the social, political, economic and cultural mechanisms of oppression.


  • Promote curiosity, critical thinking and creativity,


  • Empower and mobilize marginalized, oppressed or persecuted individuals and communities in Colombia for issues of race, gender, sexual identity, class or other criteria.


Community, cultural, urban and social observatory

In the observatory we create knowledge and accompany emerging and established organizations in their work.

Transformation and art

The essence of artistic practice is the transformation of individuals. Research, learning and creation are transformative and transformative activities.

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