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Karen Correa


  • Period: June to November 2015.


  • CasaTresPatios area in which she participated: Artistic Practices - Curating.


  • Project: Creation of content about C3P residences.


Tenth semester student of Visual Arts at the Metropolitan Technological Institute (ITM). Participant in the Panel of education and Museums: Challenges for a collective construction, carried out at the University of Antioquia; at the Seminar: Looks at the work of Álvaro Barrios, held at the Museum of Modern Art in Medellín (MAMM), and at the Nómada Chair (semester 2015 - 1). Member of the research hotbed of Dynamic Project Management of the ITM, in the planning for the improvement of the Cultural Development Plan of Santa Fé de Antioquia.

In love with the arts, I love photography, drawing and music; I like to write texts to which I then add a little noise that I make with the guitar, and which I later call songs. I like to be constantly learning about the area of curatorship and art criticism, although I must admit that these are areas that I look at with a bit of terror, perhaps due to not very pleasant experiences in college, but I hope that my interest in these help overcome this fear.

Contents about C3P residences


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