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Frey Spanish

  • Date: June - July 2015

  • Country: Colombia

  • Residence theme: Urban transformation, Prado Centro neighborhood, Medellín.


Visual artist interested in the practice of drawing, public space and the city.

(Bogotá, 1985) Master in Plastic Arts from the Higher Academy of Arts of Bogotá (2007), specialist in History and Art Theory of the Universidad de los Andes (2009) and student of the Master of Cultural Studies at the National University of Colombia.

His work, which alternates between the fields of drawing, painting and pedagogy; it aims to create speculative territories and joyous experiences. He participated in the AutoArt Collective that took care of intervening in public spaces. He has participated in different exhibition projects at Espacio 101, Universidad de Los Andes Project Room, ASAB Exhibition Room, Banco de la República Art Museum and Place a Doubts, among others. He is part of the DoubleYo Collective and its Portable Museum of Huila (Research and Creation Laboratories Program in Huila, Colombia) and of Los amigos garden Bogotá, IDARTES circulation grant, 2014.

Project and residency process
" Medellín, Auction of the Prado-Centro neighborhood and its surroundings" by the Office of Projects and spatial relations OPRE (Frey Español and Violeta Ospina)

Action for registration and accumulation of real estate, for subsequent auction and brokerage. Suspended spaces; real estate fallen into obsolescence, indecisive spaces between jail houses, tenancies and matera houses. Of these we will have a small auction for all the nostalgic and anachronistic people, interested in collecting fragments of the old splendor of the neighborhood.

Date: Thursday, July 2

Time: 6:30 pm

Place: Casa Tres Patios

Workshop "Body, writing and listening" by Violeta Ospina Domínguez, guest of Frey Español

Listening as a possibility of opening to the body of the Other.

Session 1 - Friday July 3 / 3pm - 6pm

Session 2 - Saturday July 4 / 10am - 1pm

Place: Casa Tres Patios

Free entry

Seats: 20

* More about Violeta Ospina at and

The space is considered from listening to the body and from the creation of atmospheres for the viewer through the voice, touch, sound, and vision. It also proposes a place of experimentation that allows one to approach hybrid plastic territories where concepts such as "intervention", "installation", "atmosphere", "guided tour" play.

It offers the possibility of investigating from the body and listening to the plastic event, the image and the writing of the body in the city. Part of the following questions: how to work from listening to sound? How to work from the body with the experience of the other? How to work the relationship between the body and the urban environment? How to work from a poetics of the body a poetics of space in the city?

The construction of a poetic space in the city also starts from the interrogation of ways of inhabiting: the inhabiting of the indigenous, for example, the Casa-cosmos, contrasted with the construction of urban spaces where intimacy, architecture come into play. and the difference between what is public and what is private. From inquiries about the way of living, workshop exercises inspired by writing, perceptual drifts and theatrical games, we will identify materials that can enrich the processes of the participants and enhance their knowledge.

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