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Viviana Palacio

  • Period of residence: July - August 2013

  • Experimentation topics:   image, archive, visual ethnography, visual anthropology, photography.


He was born in Santiago de Chile, of Colombian parents. His life has passed between territories and disciplines. Master of Fine Arts, candidate for Master of Human Studies, and International Negotiator, she has done additional studies in Art Administration and Cultural Institutions in New York. He has resided between Venezuela, Nicaragua, Colombia, Belgium and the United States.

He works on the boundaries between artistic practice, writing and research in human studies, and teaching in art and design. He develops his work between various media: artist's books, drawing, photography, installation and projects for specific places. His work displays an interest in the geopolitical, the cross-cultural, the borders, the hybrid, the relationship between word and landscape, and art and the archive.

In the CuBO.X

Within the framework of the CuBOX Viviana intends to open the dialogue and the views around Preuss's archive and use the space as a place for discussion and multiplication of her readings. From a series of dialogues with others, it seeks to generate discussions regarding the disciplinary frameworks that are created around the image, and to ask, how to read the archive from the history of photography, the history of art, visual anthropology, Or ethnic studies? Why does an ethnographic image belong or not to the world of the history of photography? How do discourses, categories, meanings vary, according to those disciplinary frameworks?

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