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Vanessa Fernández and Miguel Jara

  • Date of residence: September 2016

Residence project
" Remodeling the Crystal Castle"

Vannesa and Miguel join forces to develop a project in response to epistemological oversights that are currently latent in relation to the discussion of educational problems and their impact guidelines. Vannesa has had extensive and varied experience in alternative educational settings, as well as training in human behavior studies. Miguel for his part comes mainly from working in the plastic arts and academic research, where he has worked mainly on counterculture and cognitive impairment issues.

Vanessa fernandez

He studied advertising at the Centro Universitario de la Comunicación in Mexico City, which served as a strong introduction to both psychology and the art world. Later he focused on the study of human behavior; especially in children and young people with disorders and in a situation of social marginalization.

He took different courses and workshops on art therapy, plastic expression, Gestalt psychology, sociology of education, culture and mass communication.

Due to the nature of the education in which I have been involved, my work has generally been informal and not formal.

The pedagogical currents in which I have been most involved have been the libertarian, humanist, didactic and the Decroly method.


Miguel Jara

At this moment he defines himself as an independent cultural producer, researcher and popularizer. He has training in different academic contexts, such as mathematics, art and history, the axes of his research approach issues of perception, transgression, critical epistemology, theory of mind and language.

In the field of art, his main field of production has been experimental animation from drawing, although recently I have been venturing into the production of installations, live video editing performance and experimental stage shows. One of his main interests as an artist has been the generation of captivating experiences that stimulate a break with the conventional, using affective stimulation and the powers of cinematic involvement. In particular, he is interested in hindering the interpretive processes, that is, the processes of conceptual articulation in the public.

The project

The project that was carried out in Casa Tres Patios had several dimensions, all based on epistemological criticism, that is, on criticizing our ways of facing, offering and thinking about reality, the glass castle, that architectural device that we generally inhabit invisible, where we walk every day and what we think is the only possible world.

The highlight of our residency was the production of a series of tables for critical and collective dialogue, around educational alternatives, their needs for reformulation and aspects to be considered in the outlines of new models (even if they are complementary to hegemonic education) . 3 of these meetings were held at Casa Tres Patios from September 10 to 17, 2016, each of them encouraged in an informal but serious, horizontal and personal tone (ie without institutional investiture). Those attending such events were personally invited, for this is carried out, in the first 3 weeks of the stay, an investigation of the local agents whose experience and knowledge is related to the topics of the discussion. It is intended that the call manages to attract people linked with varied knowledge, perspectives and projects, this in order to encourage mutual contamination, decentration and the establishment of new links between the attendees and their activities.

As a result of the project, recordings were made of each of the dialogue tables, which are available as research material for everyone through other platforms. On the other hand, connections, positive confrontations and exchanges were achieved between the participants that eventually, such interaction converges in the improvement of the projects of each one.

An installation / tour was executed in a part of Casa Tres Patios, with the aim of animating an exercise in epistemological confrontation of the audience in front of the particular design of its crystal castles (of which language, gender, consumption, the ways of dressing, the conventional precepts, etc ... those derived from the universe of "should be").

Finally, a series of epistemological or germinated research observations were published in the Casa Tres Patios archive, with the aim of publicly sharing them to act as triggers for discussion or curiosity. Additionally, the gesture of this publication seeks to encourage those who read them to project hypotheses from the analysis of experience and their own thinking, to the detriment of the conventional perspective that suggests the need for academic modulation for such daring.

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