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Thisath Thoradeniya


  • Date: October 2015

  • Country: Sri Lanka

  • Topics : violence, war, reconciliation


Thisath Thoradeniya receives his education at the Vibhavi Academy of Arts, Colombo, Sri Lanka and he has been working as an artist full time since 2004. Thisath works in different mediums and techniques covering two dimensions, three dimensions and the moving image. His later works are mainly installations and kinetic sculptures. He has participated in numerous international art residencies and workshops and exhibitions in Bangladesh, Mauritius, India, Germany, and South Korea. His work has been exhibited at the 2008 Asian Art Biennale in Dhaka, Bangladesh and has received the Thisath Thoradeniya Honorable Mention Award Lives and Works in Colombo / Sri Lanka .

Residency process

The post-conflict

He was working on the "Post Conflict" issue. Thanks to his experience of the incidents that have taken place in Sri Lanka for more than three decades due to the civil war, he has developed experience in topics such as: war, violence and reconciliation. "As an artist, I believe that art could bring positive social changes in a society." She carried out a project with children in a selected community that could also be replicated, since it did not depend on the result. Project that culminated in the form of a drawing and was done collectively.

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