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Open Source - Territories and collaboration

  • Strengthen the capacities for collective creation and networking of the cultural managers of the Medellín Library System, through technological experimentation, knowledge exchange, collaborative work and hypermedia narrative, based on the open source philosophy (open source) and P2P (relationship between peers).


  • 8 workshops

  • 40 cultural managers of the Library System of Medellín


3 initiatives emerged from this project:


  • WIKI : digital platform that allows you to create and organize content in a collaborative way.

  • Talking City: virtual station of the Library System of Medellín. You can consult it here:

  • Technological experimentation: Through workshops and laboratories of software programming and creation of analog objects, interactive interfaces are developed to access multimedia information; The purpose is to encourage an active learning experience based on the premise “do it yourself” and “do it with others”.



Territories in Open and Collaborative Source arises from the need for the Medellín Library System to consolidate its digital culture, from the strengthening of collaborative work between cultural managers and the use of technological tools, allowing the articulation between libraries and the management of knowledge.


This project was carried out in association with the Secretariat of Citizen Culture of Medellín and with the participation of Un / loquer, a group that develops experimental and critical proposals towards sustainable development, recycling, reuse and appropriations from different artistic manifestations.

Bibliolabs structure
Workshops and creations
Exhibition of process and experimentation


On November 28, 2014, each Information Unit of the Library System returned its work to the communities. This day the stories of its neighborhoods were told in little imagined ways, in which technology and creativity came together to create interactive experiences that had never been manifested in the public libraries of Medellín.


In this event that was held in the León de Greiff Library Park, La Ladera. Stories were told, communities were portrayed and improvements were proposed. We observe proposals such as interactive maps with virtual tours through the territories of the city, a sewing machine that recalls the work of women seamstresses; sound maps that evoke places in Medellín; interactive gardens in which tools like the Arduino allow you to program reality; videomaping projections in which people, for example, learn basic notions of sign language, and a virtual station for the Library System that broadcast live everything that happened during the show.

Screenshot from 2015-06-02 00:24:11.png

We designed and developed this project with Un / Loquer , a Medellín hackerspace located in one of the CasaTresPatios spaces.



"We re-defined technology in a creative way. We set up a laboratory where we practice garage science, knowledge in the midst of the flux, a laboratory where we ritualistically experiment with soul and passion.


We value the process and collaborative work, this is the magic that makes us meet the appointment with a / loquer for more than five years approximately. The only objective is to meet to create, learn and share in a free and fun way the uses and applications that popular ingenuity makes of technology.


Our workshop operates temporarily from C3P, we find ourselves working tirelessly to self-sustain a place of our own, which functions under our ideals of endless curiosity and free knowledge transfer ".

Open Source - Territories and collaboration

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