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Amélie cabocel

  • Date of residence: July - August 2017

Residence project





Amélie Cabocel is a French artist who decided to approach photography and especially art as a testimony of the reality that accompanied it. From a very young age he felt an affinity for images, but especially for bodies and the human figure. While at the University he realized that his style was being represented by the human and that was how he was defining his subject of study. Looking for the visible and the invisible of human bodies and in the social body. One of the precepts that his work conceptualized is that society is very normative and when one begins to be outside the norm, one begins to be more invisible. Conclusion you have reached with your work. His work has been published several times (in Libération, for example) and has been presented at festivals (Les Instants vidéo, Marseille) and at various exhibitions (Nuits Blanche, Saint-Denis; Maison de la photographie Robert Doisneau, Gentilly; Synesthésie, Mois from the Photo of the Grand Paris, Saint-Denis).

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