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Tatyana Zambrano


  • Period of residence: October - November 2014

  • Experimentation topics:   "Future island" and "The strategy of the fool".


Publicist and visual artist from the Universidad de Antioquia de Colombia. He currently lives and studies in Mexico City where he is part of the SOMA educational program. He is interested in audiovisual exploration mainly in video art, symbolically reflecting on the details of daily life from a spontaneous tone, highlighting the absurd metabolism of the current world.

His work has been recognized in Les Rencontres Internationales New Cinema and Contemporary art in Berlin 2014, nominated for the Sara Modiano Prize for the arts in Colombia 2014 and Official Selection of Latin American video art by the Getty Museum 2015.

* Taken from

In the CuBO.X

Future Island and The Fool's Strategy

Tatyana Zambrano exhibited and gave continuity to the investigation of the material developed in "Chika", an application, as an artistic essay, carried out in Bogotá at the residence of FLORA ars + natura. The methodology of the work was based on connecting the "Tags" derived from his statement with the "Tags" of the residence, to generate subtle and absurd connections that question the reading of images in contemporary times and mainly in the media language of the net.

In one of the conversations Tatyana Zambrano held on CuBO.X, the artist invited Roberto Ochoa to a duel of silly videos made on Cinemagram, an application to create short and ridiculous videos. Because “Sometimes it is better to dance like an idiot than to open your mouth and show that you are”.

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