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An opportunity to transform: tips for voting well

2021 was a decisive year for the political future of Colombia, as the social protest movement shook the country and generated an interesting tension when it was evidenced in young people, especially, a desire to participate widely in the decisions that concern them, But a deep distrust of the institutions that claim to represent them was also seen in them.

This rejection is not in the face of the democratic political system, but, on the contrary, a call for this representative liberal democracy to really be one. In other words, the criticism is against those traditional parties that defend a perhaps obsolete way of doing and thinking about politics; So, with the circumstances of this 2021, what was evidenced was not that people did not expect anything from politics, but that there is a new type in which their demands have space.

The foregoing opened a possibility or at least a question for the 2022 elections, both for citizens and for those who aspire to represent a public office such as the presidency. Therefore, in order not to miss this opportunity for change, an informed citizenry is necessary that, with critical thinking, can vote not only considering the emotional aspect that a candidate or party awakens, because this is one of the main strategies to manipulate Public opinion.

Here are some steps to vote well:

1. Know the candidates and their proposals:

This includes reading about the background, your experience in public administration, the ideals you advocate for, and of course how you have behaved in the past. Here you can discard options. And, be careful, that social networks are not your only source of information: check and contrast with other media and help stop the chains of attacks and lies.

2. Compare political programs:

Here you have to look closely at the promises that each one makes, what is their viability, if they accommodate and respond to citizen demands and do not go beyond the general interest. To do this, there are some reliable means that enable the possibility of comparing proposals, for example, La Silla Vacía.

3. Verificar las afirmaciones de los candidatos:

With this step you would be going further, you can use platforms such as the Lie Detector or Colombia Check to see how accurate the statements of the applicants are. And, don't forget to take a look at the money, ask yourself where the money for the campaigns comes from (the National Electoral Council helps you with that).

By participating, we empower ourselves and realize our influence over public decisions. We also develop a certain group conscience, we recognize the interests of others and we generate greater trust and solidarity and even a collective conscience.

4. Respect those who think differently and enforce your choice:

At this time the attacks without arguments are swarming; Therefore, the previous strategies will help you have clear and well-informed reasons about your choice, with this you can avoid resorting to strategies such as disqualification or misinformation.

5. There are other options:

Remember that the blank vote is also a political manifestation and an option to express that you do not feel represented.

6. Think of the other:

Before all this, do not forget to think about the common good, the general interest and know the problems that your country is going through: embrace plurality, respect the rules of the game and if you want to change them, respect the rules in order to change them. And after the elections do not stop having a critical and thorough look at what the elected officials do, remember that for that we gave you the 11 participation mechanisms and we will give you many others with which you can exercise your citizenship.


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