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Santiago Rueda

  • Date of residence: July - August 2018

Residence project
A line of dust. Art and drugs in Latin America

Santiago Rueda is a curator and researcher of contemporary art from Bogotá. He trained as a master in plastic arts at the National University of Colombia (1990-1995) and completed a postgraduate degree in Design and Media Arts at the University of Westminster, in London, England (1997-1998). In addition, he is a doctor in Theory, History and Criticism of the Arts, from the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain (2007).

It develops mainly through written means such as the essay, in addition to the academic text that corresponds to its investigative work. Among the topics it addresses, there is an outstanding affinity towards the historical processes of the plastic arts and 20th century photography. This is evidenced in one of his latest books "Photography in Colombia in the 1970s" (Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, 2014) or in essays such as Political Photography and Social Content in Colombia in the 70s. In Moderno / Contemporary: A Debate of Horizons. VII National Seminar on Theory and History of Art, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, 2008. Pages 189-206.

Currently his work is configured within different problems channeled within the political, environmental and social. His various trips have substantially enriched one of his most recent proposals, the book entitled "Post scriptum A line of dust. Art and drugs in Latin America", in which a critical and aesthetic analysis of some of the works is carried out. they dialogue with the drug issue in Latin America. Based on the research that Rueda has developed since 2009 for this publication, a series of exhibitions with the same title have been held in Argentina (2012), Bolivia (2013), Brazil (2013 and 2015), Mexico (2014), Ecuador (2014), Uruguay (2015) and Colombia (2017-18) where around 40 artists participated.


Santiago Rueda's residence at Casa Tres Patios is the winning project of the Call for Stimuli for Art and Culture Phase II in the modality of artistic residencies under curatorship of the Secretariat of Citizen Culture of Medellín.


Santiago comes to Casa Tres Patios to continue his research work on photography and history, as well as his curatorial project "A line of dust. Art and drugs in Latin America", with bibliographic sources from the city. In addition, it will work with artists from the city to develop projects that address the problem of the Hidroituango dam.


Another purpose of his residency is to strengthen the artistic and cultural relationship between Bogotá and Medellín, strengthen ties and follow the processes that he had undertaken years ago with some of the artists from Antioquia.

During Santiago Rueda's residency, we held two conversations with artists and curators from the city to reflect on the Medellín art scene and its relationship with the national and international circuit. These talks were recorded for the art and culture web station La Radio Criolla. Listen to the full programs here:


- Medellín as a territory and creative power for contemporary art, experiences from the models of artistic residencies in the city


- Dynamics of the art scene in Medellín

Launch of the book A Line of Dust: Art and Drugs in Latin America


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