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R3Cre0 Covid 19

R3Cre0 Covid19


R3Cre0 Covid 19 is an artistic and educational program designed to develop critical thinking in 40 children and adolescents in the center of Medellín, which is home to a significant number of children of Venezuelan immigrants.


The program will strengthen three fundamental characteristics. Curiosity, essential to question the social realities of the participants. Creativity, combined with critical imagination, generates vision and innovative ideas to solve relevant problems. Empowerment is the result of the other two and is necessary for the implementation and maintenance of projects. Empower participants with critical and creative thinking that will provide them with new opportunities and the development of their own criteria to pursue their personal goals, avoid crime, and improve their academic activities.


Due to the contingency of Covid 19, the project was formulated to be carried out through analogue sketchbooks in which the participants critically analyze topics such as family relationships, their living conditions, the conditions of their neighborhood, their relationship with the city ​​and responsible institutions. For these situations, identify possible solutions and make proposals to generate the changes that they consider necessary.

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