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Nina bianchi

  • Date of residence: November 2015.

  • Topics: people-based design, systems and city planning.


Leader in participatory design. Since 2002 he has worked with more than 100 non-profit and for-profit organizations, such as the Open Technology Institute of the Nueva América Foundation; the City of Austin, Texas; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT; the University of Michigan and Volume Magazine.

Her passion for design, accessible technology and community development has led her to projects such as the Educational and Community Wireless Toolkits and Discovery Technology Workshops (DiscoTech). She is a co-founder of OmiCorpDetroit and the Ditroit Digital Justice Coalition, and serves as a lecturer in the graphic design faculty at the University of Creative Studies in Detroit.

He is currently a member of The Work Department , a study that implements participatory design processes based on people, to strengthen the fulfillment of goals of organizations and companies.


" Working on a collaborative design proposal with Detroit organizations, including my studio The Work Department and Eastside Community Network . Also working on building out a neighborhood-based identity for an ArtPlace America project called Create NED .

In planning my meetings, I have found a lot of inspiration by the network development in Medellín over the past five years. It's important that grassroots cultural and social organizations visualize their process for better communication and collaboration with different types of city leaders. "

Presentation at the Museum of Antioquia

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