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Nicolás Chacón (The Sanatorium)

  • Date: September 2015

  • Country: Colombia

  • Topics: unity, teamwork, healing art.


El Sanatorio is an independent space that was born in Bogotá in 2010. They work supporting, promoting and exhibiting artistic projects with a transformative vision. They believe that art has the ability to HEAL. The project is led by the artists Sergio Ferro, Nicolás Chacón and Juan Arias, and is specifically located at Cra 22 # 45-16 (Palermo).

"El Sanatorio is also a ceramic workshop, producer of videos and radio soap operas, there we give classes and spend our days between creations, ruptures, experiments, discoveries, temperatures, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, engobes, enamels, lathe, plates, seriality and uniqueness ".

The idea and work of art in collectivity are presented as axes versus the idea of an art of individuality.

Residency process

Art without limits

The Casa Tres Patios Foundation and El Sanatorio invite you to be part of their first joint project:

The central axis of the project is Unity is strength: unity in the variety with which we seek to break limits, walls, ditches and abysses, build bridges that bring together and link, we bet on teamwork, on creating in unity.

Art Without Limits will include:

-Artistic creation workshops.

- (In the face of creativity, money is not a limit) How to make a project come true without a budget?

-Selection and invitation to artists who will enrich the project.

-Art as a means to heal, reconcile and bring closer together (workshop)

From the results obtained during this first experiment, a sample will be carried out at the Casa Tres Patios facilities on Thursday, September 24, at 6:30 p.m.

To make it happen, your participation is very important.

Participating is easy:

1 .Send a finished or in-process proposal inspired by unity, community, support. - cel 3214925812

2. Be part of the organizing team of the exhibition:
To coordinate a meeting you can contact cel 3214925812

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