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Natalia Perez

  • Period of residence: October - November 2013

  • Experimentation topics:   Place, images and reversals.


Aspiring Magister in Plastic and Visual Arts, National University of Colombia, 2013. Master in Plastic Arts, National University of Colombia, 2011. She has made several exhibitions; some individual ones such as: “Alien”, Fourth exhibition in the series: 4 young photographers-Urban News / Facts. Gallery Hall Hall of the Theater of the French Alliance of Medellín, 2010-2011 and within their collaborative work are: “Boston-Medellín Project. Medellín violence is not the whole story ”Roxbury Community College Resnikoff Gallery Boston, Massachusetts, 2010.“ One of two ”, Undergraduate sample. Room U. National University of Colombia, Medellín headquarters, 2011 “Catorce” Contemporary photography. Efe Gómez Library. National University of Colombia, Medellín headquarters, 2012, among others ..

In the CuBO.X

"The processes that I have carried out always start from the" Images "folder of the personal file that I have on my computer, this being my studio. That is where I intervene in these photographs and build new images from them. CuBO.X will be the physical space where perhaps these potential images can develop in other ways.

Photography has been for me a space in itself where I can create a place to record all kinds of hypothetical situations. With a space like CuBO.X, the questions will be directed to how the image will be created from this space, how its light, size, etc. will influence. My idea is to deconstruct and challenge my creative process, they are no longer images that generate place but by reversing my process, the image will begin to be formed from this specific place.

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