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  • Date: August 2015

  • Country: Colombia

  • Theme of the residency: approach to the dynamics of contemporary art in Medellín.


She is a Master in Plastic and Visual Arts. His work has focused on research on contemporary art issues in Colombia, which have been published in catalogs, the Arteria Newspaper, the BOCAS Magazine, the Esfera Pública portal and in different virtual media inside and outside the country. He developed the video-project "Palíndromo" for the 8th. artBO edition. Write short stories and poetry. It has been published in the anthologies of short stories Ashes on the platform - Tales of the city and Capital Letters of the Ministry of Culture.

Residency process

Approach to the dynamics of contemporary art in the city of Medellín

"For a couple of years I have been developing a project whose main objective is to approach the dynamics of contemporary art in Colombia from the perspective of its protagonists. In this sense, staying at Casa Tres Patios will make it easier for me to get closer to the context of artistic practices in Medellín and, in particular, its protagonists, who work from a city that functions as a cornerstone in the general context of culture in the country.

I consider Casa Tres Patios as one of the great mobilizers of this dynamic in the city, so being able to carry out my research from here is a privilege. Like a fortune, because precisely C3P is one of the focal points of my work and being able to understand how it works, what its objectives and working mechanisms are living in it, it will be one of the most valuable experiences of my stay. .

Although there are phenomena that connect the artistic endeavor at an international level, these are transformed according to the specific context from which they are viewed. For this reason, seeing and understanding Medellín is a personal task that is very important since it is the first time I have visited it; Until then, I have always imagined it as a city that lives under the bias of terrifying ghosts that still live in it. It is exciting to think about what can be discovered after reading Medellín from the other side of the mountain for so long.

For my personal practice, it is vital to be able to establish a communication network that makes it easier for me to access information. Therefore, another of the main objectives of my residency at C3P is to create a file of contacts, bibliography and records that in the future will be input for a new review of the Paisa context. Likewise, it is a valuable experience to be able to immerse yourself and live with one of the cultures that have the most character in Colombia.

Abandon prejudices to finally stand in front of this machine called reality. Hello Medellín! "

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