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Mutualism and parasitism

Between symbiotic-mutual or antagonistic-symbiotic relationships



Estefania García | Guadalupe Chávez | Land. Living space | Riwaq. Architectural Conservation Center | Culture Broth | Fernando Escobar placeholder image

This exhibition shows an exploration exercise on the various interspecies relationships, contemporary community associations and their place in the face of globalization. We have wanted to borrow the categories of Mutualism and Parasitism that come from the biological sciences to create an analogy between the symbiotic behaviors of biological organisms and the social, political and economic structures that are marked from modernity and as a result of a crisis environmental issues where other problems such as extractivism, the distancing of indigenous practices towards Mother Earth, epistemological colonialism, etc. converge.

The exhibition is made up of 6 artists who were in residence during the months of July, August and September 2020. Among the artistic proposals that the residents addressed, 3 thematic axes can be observed: on the one hand, Estefanía García and Guadalupe Chávez present proposals that seek alternatives to reconcile the relationship between human and nature; the collective Tierra: Espacio para habitar y Riwaq proposes to understand and analyze the relationships between production and consumption of capitalist economic activities; the collective Caldo de cultivate and Fernando Escobar analyze the power relations that imply the symbiotic-mutual or antagonistic-symbiotic relationships of which the dynamics of social order are made. On the one hand, Broth of cultivation analyzes and reflects on the political positions of far-right parties and left-wing parties, with this, they developed a residency in which they investigated the forms of organization of the far-right and categorized them in the concepts of mutualism and parasitism. and Fernando Escobar analyzes the possibilities of network relationships between the artistic academy, artists and independent spaces in the City of Medellín through the analysis of the question: What is research in arts ?.

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Estephania Garcia

Project: Sow the Earth


Estefanía García explored the commitment to critical sensitivity and life. To do this, he sought other views that will articulate a community project such as: thinkers, planters, eco-artists, elders and elders of the original peoples of the Greater Kauka. All of them participated in a sowing minga with the objective of decolonizing the public areas of the Pan-American Avenue of the city of Popayán through the planting of food plants, public gardens, donation of work with the field that sows food and medicine for the other.  

Registration photographs:

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Guadalupe Chavez

Project: Hierberas People


Guadalupe Chávez brought together people and communities interested in exploring traditional medicine in a virtual way. During the residency he gathered knowledge and experiences in relation to the beneficial properties of plants that accompany us from our human experience.

Through a collective cookbook, each herbal person who participated contributed a node to form a network of memories, knowledge and care for these times of uncertainty and global urgency.

Registration photographs:


Tierra. Space to inhabit

Guest artists: Alix Camacho, Eduardo Merino, Ana Tomimori and Carlos Guzmán


Through a question, each of the artists developed ... On the one hand, the Proyecto Cocuyo collective asked the question of How do you make an agroforestry? referring to the diversity of relationships between species; Eduardo Merino wondered who and what enters a small reserve, and who or what tries to leave itself out? and in this way observe the mechanisms used by plants in conjunction with some (mutualism) to "reserve" themselves from others (parasitism); and finally Alix Camacho wondered how do office plants survive? where from an exercise of characterization of this type of plants he looked for new ways of relating to the plant world.

Registration photographs:

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Riwaq. Architectural Conservation Center

Guest architects: Dana Abbas and Aya Tahhan


Riwaq is an architectural conservation center that has the particularity of rescuing those architectural projects of rural Palestine, as well as creating activities that promote the rescue and conservation of heritage.


For this residency we had two representatives from Riwaq: Dana Abbas and Aya Tahhan who developed a project on the rescue of oral memory with the inhabitants of Al-Jib. Through a series of interviews, they represented with drawings the stories told where the relations between rural Palestine and urban Palestine were glimpsed.

Registration photographs:

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Fernando Escobar

Project: Research in arts


What is research in the arts? It was the question with which he opened and developed his residency. Fernando's proposal is developed from understanding the epistemological framework and the relationships of the artistic academy with other media in the field of art.

To inquire about the possible relationships mentioned above, Fernando proposed conducting a series of interviews with academics and artists, understanding mutualism as inter-institutional cooperative relationships and parasitism as those antagonistically necessary relationships to have a field in which to develop.

Registration photographs:

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Caldo de Cultivo

Project: Everything is going to be Alt-Right


Through a play on words, Broth of cultivation proposes an investigation into the forms of organization of the extreme right and its permanence in certain groups that threaten social welfare. This phrase is: Everything is going to be Alt-Right, which keeping its phonetic meaning could be translated into Spanish as: Everything is going to be fine, however, we could also speak of another connotation: Everything is to the right, referring to how the Far-right groups have permeated the media as a form of recruitment.

Registration photographs:

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