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Maya art

  • Date: March 2015

  • Residency theme: Violence and religion in the history of Medellín, Colombia.


Poland (1983). At age 7 he moved to Italy. Photographer and audiovisual producer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy (2009). His photographic portrait project "1 + 1" was presented by Edward Rozo at the International Conference on Visual Sociology in Bologna, Italy. He has participated in group exhibitions in Venice and Brescia, such as "Atelier Aperti", present in the 51st edition of the Bienale d´arte; "Re: public"; "Padiglione Apolide" (2010) of the Venice Architecture Biennale, among others. Similarly, she has been a documentary maker and photographer for the "Signum Foundation", one of the most recognized contemporary art foundations in Poland.

In 2011 he moved to London, England, where he became more interested in the moving image, as a natural progress in his artistic learning. Start collaborating with musicians and media artists. He makes audiovisual installations in situ, such as "2d22h51" , which is part of a group exhibition curated by Franco B in 2013.

Currently, Maya Art continues to work in the audiovisual and photographic fields of Italy and London, for clients such as l´Aurora Street (Venice), l´hotel Molino Stucky Hilton, Il Teatro San Gallo Venice, Hard Rock Café, Nuova Defim (Milan) , Dalla Pieta Yacht, Erba Italy, Super Brands London, FUMI Gallery and for various designer artists such as Gina Melosi and Alexandra Groover.

Residence process and project

Maya's residency project was associated with the intensity of pain and violence that permeate the history of Medellín. In her experience in the city, Maya discovered the strong connection between violence and religion, an issue that this artist considers ironic and that contains visual elements that captured her attention.

Creative exercises

  • Sketches made on the figure of a pistol.

  • Gun figure made with polystyrene by a craftsman from San Javier.

  • Photographs of the craftsman's son, holding the styrofoam gun.

  • Audiovisual reference: film "La Virgen de los Sicarios".

Exchange with university students

In her residency, Maya Art shared her artistic career with students of Museology and Contemporary Art from the ITM (Metropolitan Technological Institute), and also with students of Fine Arts Artistic Practices. During these visits, the students received recommendations on how to create their portfolios and recognized various references of crowdfunding platforms for artists, with which Maya has financed some of her projects.

Tour of galleries and arts organizations

Says Maya Art: "With the experience of this residency I was able to visit galleries such as Lokkus and artistic organizations, where I observed how they work collaboratively for a common goal. I feel that even though Europe is saturated with art and galleries, these spaces are more "divided" and do not work as much with the dynamics of collaboration ".

"Casa Tres Patios is a beautiful space that inspires ideas and calls for creative work. It is located in Medellín, a wonderful and inspiring city as well. The combination of these two environments has a highly productive effect; C3P becomes a kind of refuge from the traffic and rumors of the city.

In addition, I really liked the collection of books in Casa Tres Patios as well as the white spaces that characterize this place, because I interpret them as a white canvas or as the opening of a dialogue with art ".

About Casa Tres Patios

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