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Martha Lorena Parada

  • Date of residence: July 23 - August 31, 2018

Residence project
Reflections of El Restaurante Invisible: reside, inhabit and offer

Martha Lorena Parada is a plastic artist from the National University of Colombia in Bogotá. One of his interests has been to reflect on artistic practices in relation to the subject of food. From here, terms that have recurrently appeared, such as service, exchange and transit, are derived as he constructs his proposal, applying them to the relationships that arise in certain spaces, in order to build a meaning of what is conceived as a work of art.


Martha makes installations as a way of finding a connection between the reflections that arise from her artistic work. Living and everyday life are concepts that are broken down and show this experimentation in public space. The body has been fundamental in the construction of this process; thanks to him we interact and live with each other in places of passage.


The residence of Martha Lorena at the Casa Tres Patios Foundation is the winning project of the call for stimuli from the Ministry of Culture.


Your proposal is based on projects you have done previously. One of them is Food Vending Machine, where it is asked mainly about food (how we acquire food) and the relationships we generate in common spaces, emphasizing the value we place on consumable objects. From this process, concerns about exchange (which will be his point of emphasis in this residence) have emerged that cast doubt on the monetary value as an object of exchange, giving rise to new reflections about capital.


Being in a context with different dynamics than usual (Casa Tres Patios and the Prado Centro neighborhood of Medellín), has made the artist worry about the relationships of passers-by and people, creating a particular interest in how the place is perceived than where you currently reside. Publicizing the processes that take place there, through socialization, will be one of its objectives, creating tensions in the traffic and in the way we observe and inhabit the space.


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