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Maria Felix Morales




  • Date: October 2015

  • Country: Nicaragua

  • Topics : popular practices, body aesthetics,

  • Website / blog: n / r


Visual artist who has focused his work on contradictions generated around the body, desire and disgust, until becoming an investigation on the social dynamics generated around food, as well as the human need for individual and collective stress.


As a communicator and manager, she has experience in actions on issues related to human rights, coordinating projects on contemporary art and culture through the Space for Artistic Research and Reflection (EspIRA), a school where she also receives training.


She is also a feminist activist and participates in autonomous and self-managed spaces that promote debate and reflection on social inequalities, with the use of new media and creative actions.

Residency process

Popular practices

I confront the axes of my work with the context as an exercise in listening and review. I investigate food and the aesthetics of the body as aspects that show social agreements, the public versus what is told in silence.


I am interested in learning about popular practices, street food, sweets and the dynamics that are generated around their consumption, as a way of seeing invisible limits and agreements. I consider these specific dynamics as a possibility to show the power relations of a broad context and their complex management.


He acted from the curious questioning (far away therefore) and although I did not want to, as a visitor at the end, I differentiate myself by the mirror-map from where I compare, for better and for worse, with my own space of similar stories, a space of contradictions. From there too, I hope to share my strange gaze as a possibility of dialogue

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