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Manuel Santana

  • Date of residence: November 2018

Residence project





Manuel Santana is a master of plastic arts from the Tadeo Lozano University, Bogotá headquarters. He is currently the Academic Coordinator of the Plastic Arts Program at the same university.


This artist has been interested in developing collective and collaborative artistic processes, as a way of rethinking traditional artistic practice, inviting other audiences to see art as part of their daily lives.

Since the 90's he has developed various processes that have allowed him to explore other artistic dynamics. Among them, the Expo Appropriation Moore project (1993 - 1997) carried out with workers from the Moore brick factory, in Bogotá, in order to make visible gestures and actions from the sensitive.

Casting pencil (since 2000) seeks to link the community of the Las Cruces neighborhood in Bogotá. Inspired by the botanical expedition, Manuel invites the inhabitants to map their daily lives, based on the drawing of traditional plants.


Manuel Santana arrives at Casa Tres Patios to present the exhibition Poetics of the Everyday, Aesthetics of Life , which is part of the curatorial project of the same name, developed by a group of artists from the School of Arts of the Tadeo Lozano University of Bogotá.


The exhibition exalts the importance of life, with all its differences, as an essential element of a pedagogy of peace, which assumes that conflict and dissent as central components for political life.


With works, gestures and actions of artists, individuals and communities, the exhibition celebrates, from the sensitive, the poetics of life and the efforts to build the common in the country. It is an invitation to transcend the notion of art as objects called "artistic", to appreciate it in living itself: art is also made, poetry is made and existence is transformed by cooking, weaving, dreaming, playing, talking, laughing.


It is a poetic resistance that enables life to manifest itself from different dimensions to mechanized, productivist, efficient and planned logic.

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