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Luisa roa

  • Date: July 2015

  • Country: Colombia

  • Theme of the residence: Architecture, history and stories about old buildings in Medellín.


He studied Plastic Arts at the Francisco José de Caldas District University in Bogotá, and also studied a Master's Degree in Plastic and Visual Arts at the National University of Colombia (Bogotá). She is also a Master of Public Art and New Art Strategies from the Bauhaus University, Germany.

Residency process

Luisa Roa's work is determined to generate relational experiences between the viewer, the public space and her work. The interest in exploring the city, the language of its objects, its architecture and its inhabitants is a constant in his most recent work, done during his residence at Casa Tres Patios in the city of Medellín.

His proposal was based on touring the center of this city on foot for several days, photographing the architecture, visiting historical and important places, such as the Hotel Nutibara, the Palace of Culture, the CC El Palacio, the Malaga Hall, among others. of which she says, she already had a blurred memory, knowing some photographic archives and talking with some inhabitants, in order to relate more with the city.

Luisa develops an intervention where sound is the main protagonist, the artist decides to buy an "old gramophone" that contains an LP with Tango music and with which the Palace of Culture, Rafael Uribe Uribe, intervenes, where she finds a sound library with a fairly wide archive specialized in the Tango genre; she was happy with her gramophone, but with the passing of the days she has realized that the gramophone was fake, however, she took the situation in the best way and puts it as quite a comical experience and continues with her idea of using the object for your intervention.

The gramophone began playing in the upper part of the palace and later it was arranged in some of its rooms and corridors.

Drawing, video and photography are also present within this proposal, these became evident in the discussion that the artist carried out in Casa Tres Patios, with the aim of telling her experience as a resident and showing the process of her work. .

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