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Juan Obando

  • Date of residence: July 2016

Residence project
"Anarchism, Pirate Agencies and Post Digital Literature "

Obando's work focuses on the critical intervention of social circuits through the orchestration of temporal situations. These experiments often target the production of video-performances, participatory networks, and experimental publications - using social phenomena as raw material and humor as a catalyst to highlight systemic ironies and contradictions.

This course proposes an active study of the work of Fernando González through a contemporary perspective and with a purposeful purpose. Using current ideas such as The New Aesthetics, Non-Creative Writing, Global Piracy, and Post-internet Text. Key concepts in González's work (Piracy, Self-expression, failure as an editorial concept, the enemy, etc.) will be examined in order to propose new models of cultural reactivation and dissemination, from the perspective of the historical and literary document. From this notion with this course the first fragments of Latin American anarchism were studied as a starting point for the questioning of the contemporary sociocultural context and for the exploration of forms, formats and political and social spaces in which these ideas can intervene today.


The course will use the ANTI-OQUIA magazine as one of its examples, a project that through extensive virtual and face-to-face collaborations in a group of casual and professional creators was found under the premise of reactivating Fernando González's manifesto in a new historical context. Through a series of actions and events that range from the intervention of the public space to virtual performance, this project used González's document as a script for cultural activation and culminated in the collaborative design, printing and dissemination of a new version. unofficial magazine ANTI-OQUIA with the intention of "pirating the original pirate"

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