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Juan Santiago Uribe


  • Period of residence: February - March 2014

  • Experimentation topics:   "Collections in liquid state"


In the CuBO.X

Collections in liquid state

"The idea of participating in the CuBO.X arises thanks to a project that is in a liquid state. This project was born 5 years ago when I began to collect objects, were these Toys, Saints of various religions, porcelains, rarities, in general everything type of object that captivated my interest.In principle I kept them in an old suitcase.

In my head, since I began to collect these objects, ideas have passed about how I would formalize this matter technically, in principle I had thought of making a kind of dioramas, mixing the objects with images or papers. I had thought about making these dioramas in boxes that I have also collected, but now that I begin to approach these objects I don't really know where they will take me, each time they generate more questions than answers, I do not know how long this path will take, but What I am sure of is that it will be a fun exercise full of surprises. "

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