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Juan Ricardo Urrego is an educator and Master in Plastic Arts from the National University. In his artistic proposal, he combines performance, happening, installation, video art, object theater and editorial production.

For 10 years he has participated in different spaces for the circulation of plastic arts at the local and national level, collectively and individually. His work, with a greater emphasis on performance and video art, has been a constant reflection on the way in which the body is constantly transformed as a function of the power relations that we build from the notion of gender, and how it is configured from the connections that people establish with the object world.

The idea of breaking paradigms from artistic production has consequences in the construction of the subject and also in the construction of community. When a difficult and disturbing art is made that acts as a revulsive of the processes of uniformity of thought and behavior, the subject is left in an aesthetic limbo that shakes his conformist spirit.

In this sense, I am interested in investigating how, from the artistic practices that put the body as their working material, relationships of otherness are built in which we can subtly move the levels of aesthetic representation and in this way the symbolic structures that define our everyday behaviors.

Contribute to the reflection of how the symbolic structures that build behaviors and the way we relate to each other are scenarios to think about the importance of the body in the transmission of culture and its paradigms. I am also interested in reflecting on how this space of relationship in which the body is the protagonist is one of the areas in which artistic practices can contribute to pedagogy, taking as a reference a critical pedagogy that focuses on a hermeneutic of being.

The idea is to look for codes with which to reflect on the way in which a hermeneutic of the subject is built, taking into account how the subjects become bodies from interactions and the appropriation of the symbolic capital in which we we immerse ourselves in everyday interactions. Unravel the different symbolic incorporations that take the body away from its human dimension and reflect on the place of the body in the context of an irresponsible consumption system, which stimulates bad habits from saturation and the role of the mass media in this construction .

I have made my artistic production from scandal, doubt and imbalance, which point the gaze and point out the vices and excesses that deteriorate social capital. Being consistent with this, I also want to investigate in CuBO.X how this way of producing can generate reflections that allow inspiration for the development of creativity, compensation for the lack of aesthetic security and reconciliation with a world in which we learn to coexist in the midst of diversity.


Juan Ricardo Urrego


  • Period of residence: March - April 2016

  • Experimentation topics:   body, subject, hermeneutics of being.

  • Website / blog: n / r.


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