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Joana capella

  • Date of residence: October - November 2018

* Residence supported by the Ministry of Culture
Residence project





Joana Capella is a Spanish artist; currently resides between Sant Fost de Campsentelles and Mollet del Vallès, Catalonia. He was trained in Multidisciplinary Design and Design Management at the ESDI School of Design and later a master's degree in research and experimentation in design at the Bau design school in Barcelona.


During his later studies he explored how to think through speculative design and critical thinking around objects. His degree project has been exhibited at conferences such as Art & Speculative Futures (cccb, Barcelona); Interface Policies (Hangar, Barcelona); Design and Digital Culture (Medialab Prado, Madrid).


Joana is part of the project Fer Cosa Fora (Make Thing Outside), a space for self-learning around space, bodies and things, which she collectively created out of the need to complement the academic knowledge of the university.


His practice moves between art, curation and research. Some of his concerns have been reflected in magazines such as Cuaderno de les ideas, les artes y las letras. His most recent processes articulate reflections on bread, artistic practice and the political possibilities of the trade of making bread. Samples, socializations and stays at Sala dárt Jove, La Escosesa and Utopia 126 have resulted from this process. The care work implicit in the manufacture of bread is a fundamental dimension in his research; from there he asks himself how things are done and what are the material conditions of possibility. These questions are extrapolated to the art circuit: how is it done? What makes it possible?


Joana comes to Casa Tres Patios interested in weaving relationships between cooking and bread, elements that represent food, land and raw materials in dispute in conflict contexts. The historical and political dimension of these elements is traced by Joana to the Spanish colonization process. In addition, she is interested in establishing collaborative and creative relationships with other artists and curators with interests similar to her own.


Experimentation workshop with wheat and corn

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