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Jenny Patino


  • Date of residence:   April - May 2015

  • Topics of experimentation: power relations, patriarchy, gender violence and the media.


Master in Plastic Arts from the University of Antioquia; Master of Fine Arts from the Norwegian National Academy of Arts; winner of New Talents in Art from the Medellín Chamber of Commerce for the series "Tipo de Belleza", and the StartPoint Prize For Emerging Artist from the National Academy of Arts in Oslo, for best undergraduate work: "Someplace Else". Among his recent exhibitions are: "Beauty and Other Royal Buildings", Chamber of Commerce, Medellín, Colombia.

In the CuBO.X

“Power relations, and patriarchal structures in different fields of society, are the main topics explored in my work. I use the same means of communication as raw material on a recurring basis. I refer to the way in which the media have permeated our daily lives and the cyclical way in which they use information, and how these, in the end, are integrated into every aspect of our life, creating a habit of behavior that shapes the way in which we perceive and act in our daily life.


Continuing with these approaches, at CuBO.X I am going to take as a starting point one of my most recurrent concerns, which is the way in which the media present us with news about different events involving women. For approximately four years, I have been collecting this type of news and I am interested in reflecting on the impact they have, putting special interest in the way in which these issues are treated, including the use of language, intention of the text, among others.

Another important aspect will be how to talk about these concerns from art and plastic, what ways have I used for it and what new ones I can explore to bring these themes to the viewer, which is something that I constantly consider in my artistic research.

Thursday of talks

  • What possibilities are there in art and plastic, to talk about the ways that the media use when -presenting news that involves women? - April 23rd.

  • Process at CuBO.X - May 7.

  • CuBO.X closing - May 21.

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