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Jaider Orsini

  • Date of residence: August-September   2016

Residence project
"Paisa heh "

Contemporary art curator and researcher. He has a degree in Art and Folklore from the Popular University of Cesar and a candidate for a Master's degree in Caribbean studies from the National University of Colombia, Caribbean Headquarters.

He was artistic director of La Red Artistas del Caribe (2011-2014). In 2012 he was Co-curator of the 14th Regional Salon of Artists in the Caribbean area in Colombia. Actively participates in academic events and curatorial projects in Colombia and Latin America.

He currently directs the Caníbal platform for contemporary art of the Divulgar Foundation in the Colombian Caribbean.

About the project

A research residency was carried out from which a curatorial project called “Paisa je” was set up, which investigates the forms and meanings in which the commercial imaginary operates in Paisa culture. He was interested in weaving local narratives that make use of the dialogues and tensions in the socioeconomic relationships that cross the cultural context of the Paisa region. The term paisa operates as a landscape, symbol capital and discursive tool, therefore, rather than defining a geographical space, it defines anthropologically a heterogeneous cultural context historically characterized by the commercial relations and practices that support the invention of the city and the imaginary of progress.

Although Medellín was the workspace, the project involved artists who resided and will work throughout the Paisa region (Antioquia, Risaralda, Caldas and Quindío).

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