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Ivan Chaparro

  • Date: July 2015

  • Country: Colombia

  • Residency theme: acupuncture and urban interventions.

Residence project

Artist and designer. His practice is located in the interrelation between architecture, urban interventions, performance, visual, sound and collaborative art; For this, he has worked exploring various technological media from a transdisciplinary perspective together with engineers, artists and professionals from the human sciences in the Resoundcity artistic laboratory.

The artistic practice that Ivan is developing focuses on the Moravia neighborhood, north of Medellín, and consists of exploring this place and its surroundings, understanding them as a complex network of human interactions, which can be interpreted from an emotional perspective, that is, such as the manifestation of desires, fears, drives, conflicts, etc.

Ephemeral interventions in the neighborhood,

from sound as an expressive possibility and means of creation

1. Bulla Lab Collective

  • Meeting point: Media Laboratory of the Moravian Cultural Development Center - "La casa de todos".

  • Participants: Iván Chaparro, Isaac 'Incógnito', Johan Gutiérrez, Clotilde Penet, Jorge Londoño, Alejandro Araque and Karen Correa, intern at Casa Tres Patios.

  • Activities: improvisation sessions, jam, photographic recording, recording and musical production.

2. Pura Bulla at the Oasis

Parallel to the work carried out in the Media Laboratory of the Moravia Cultural Development Center, the Bulla Lab Collective has carried out neighborhood exploration exercises, to carry out sound maps and visualizations.

Based on these wanderings and analysis, the group began to work very spontaneously with the inhabitants of the Oasis, an area recently occupied by a group of people who sought to provide a dignified solution to their housing condition. Among them are a good number of displaced persons who have had several confrontations with the police. With them and the children of the place a short laboratory of sound exploration and manufacture of simple instruments with recyclable objects was developed, called: Bulla in Oasis.

Memories of a noise in the Oasis

Taken from the blog of Iván Chaparro

"Order of the day, Sunday, July 26:

  • Choose the place together with the community.

  • Install a tone.

  • C antar songs Escalona simplifying the letter.

  • Circular dynamics:

-Presentation, names and activities that children like.

-Memory game, with names.

-Three drum hits = crazy word.

-1, 2, 3, English chocolate.

-Tingo tango

-Tongue twister

  • Humming exercises :

First song: The House in the Air

-Check the instruments.

-Facilitators use buckets (no buckets this time?)

-The most advanced children help as tutors of others.

Second song: The ways of life.

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