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Ingrid vranken


  • Date: July 2015

  • Country: Belgium

  • Residency topic: How are organizations that carry out artistic practices in Medellín managed, supported and collaborated?

Ingrid is part of SPIN , an artistic cooperative in Belgium that supports the work and research activities of three artists: Hans Bryssinck , Kate McIntosh and Diederik Peeters . SPIN puts into practice alternative ways of self-organization, and carries out discursive, curatorial and investigative initiatives around relevant themes of art and society. SPIN is currently supporting the making of a Hans Bryssinck film in Colombia.

Residence process and project

Ingrid Vranken, an arts producer from Brussels, carried out an investigation during her stay on how local artistic practices are managed and supported, and how they can be strengthened through exchange dynamics, through a mapping exercise that will compile the ideals, the needs and concrete actions of collaboration that can be adjusted to these needs.

This research starts from the premise that both artists and cultural organizations from Colombia and Belgium, despite participating in different contexts, share similar concerns when it comes to giving sustainability to their practices. Ingrid's research also considers that in response to the existing precarious conditions, a variety of possibilities and responses emerge that can be mutually enriching.

Among the interviewees, and therefore, research collaborators are: Campos de Gutiérrez, Workshop 7, Secretariat of Citizen Culture, Explora Park, For These Days, NN Project, Explora Park, CC Medellín Audiovisual Festival, Un / loquer, Plazarte, MAMM, Museo de Antioquia, Platohedro, Un / loquer, El Hormiguero.

Investigative and creative exercises

  • "Random encounter with the Commons * "

This activity was proposed so that artistic groups and organizations could share their failures and challenges in common.

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