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Garcia Gray

  • Date of residence: October 2016

Residence project
"The unhappiness factory"





Independent artist and curator. He studied Visual Arts at UANL (Monterrey, Mexico). He has exhibited in different cities in Mexico, Spain, Russia, Canada and Colombia. He completed a master's degree in Artistic Production and Research at the University of Barcelona with the support of FONCA CONACULTA, he completed the MACBA Independent Studies Program "Advanced Museum Studies and Critical Theory". He has curated projects such as "While it fits in the suitcase", "Arqueofonías", "Balmes 88", "possible conditions" and among the most recent "Whole House". She was Curator of Place a Doubt 2014-2015. She is currently a professor at the ITM Medellín Colombia and is part of TuerCo, a multidisciplinary team that works between the limits of art and technology.


As part of the "New Relations with Capital" program, he proposed a reading workshop on the concepts that Franco Berardi (BIFO) raises in his book "The Unhappiness Factory". This workshop was mediated by Gris García, Mexican artist and curator, the workshop consists of three group meetings to analyze and discuss the Felicista ideology, cognitive work and new forms of economics related to the virtual.

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