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Fashion in the Jungle

Fashion in the jungle


Tatyana Zambrano  

Fashion en la Selva was an exhibition of the work of Tatyana Zambrano, artist and publicist from Medellín, in honor of Jacobo Arenas, ideological leader of the FARC and icon of “fashion” in the jungle. Tatyana took advantage of the coincidence of the Feria de las Flores and Colombiamoda 2018 to elaborate a plastic, unconventional and undoubtedly controversial speech about the figure of Arenas, focusing attention on her particular way of dressing. Tatyana investigated the photographic and documentary archive of the FARC to discover there this humanizing and banal facet of the guerrilla, from which she proposed to question the myths associated with him and explore alternative narratives to refer to this chapter of national history.


The work was also accompanied by a discussion with Gladys Lucía Ramírez, a teacher and historian of art and fashion, and Inty Maleywa and Martín Batalla, both former FARC combatants. Moderated by Tatyana, the conversation ranged from aesthetic issues, such as the history of camouflaged in fashion and war, to others of a political nature, such as the imaginaries associated with the guerrilla subject and the need to bring their humanity to the fore.


This work continues the satirical line of the artist and her approach to the history of communism in Colombia. For C3P it was an opportunity to tempt the public into an uncomfortable, but necessary, conversation about an actor in the conflict about which a social consensus on his responsibility, humanity and deserving of forgiveness has not yet been reached - and perhaps never will be reached. .


Tatyana Zambrano


Publicist and visual artist. Master in Movement, digital art and information technologies from UNAM Mexico. He lives between Colombia and Mexico City where he was part of the SOMA educational program. He is currently working on projects that have to do with the transition of ideologies and the institutionalization of rebellion. His work has been recognized in Les Rencontres Internationales New Cinema and Contemporary art in Berlin, Official Selection of Latin American Video Art by the Getty Museum and the National Salon of Artists of Colombia.


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Fashion talk in the jungle

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