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Fabio Hernández and Alejandra Gutiérrez

  • Date of residence: June - July 2018

Residence project
Traditional economic practices of the peasant population of the South Pacific






Fabio Andrés Hernández Piracoca

Duitamense anthropologist graduated from the National University of Colombia. Founding member of the Cacique Tundama artistic and cultural Foundation and co-director of the Cacique Tundama Festival of Artistic and Cultural Knowledge. Her research interests are related to traditional practices and ancestral knowledge of peasant women. He has explored traditional healing practices in Nariño, traditional gastronomy and agricultural practices in Boyacá. In recent years he has focused on making visible and strengthening the work of the custodians of native and creole seeds in the San Luis village, Duitama, where he also carries out a seed house circuit project.

Alejandra Gutierrez Gomez

Boyaca anthropologist graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. His topics of interest have been peasant ways of life among the Afro-descendant population on the Pacific coast and in the Colombian Caribbean. There he has developed research work on the dispossession of land, the collective ways of inhabiting the territory and the dynamics

economic rural areas. One of his main concerns at present is the appropriation of creative languages ​​to systematize and disseminate the reflections and contributions of these inquiries. Additionally, as a founding member of the Cacique Tundama artistic and cultural Foundation, he has developed cultural management in the municipality of Duitama since 2013.


In the framework of the curatorial projects New Relations with Capital and Knowledge about Power and Peace, Fabio and Alejandra come to C3P in order to share their experiences regarding the protection of native and creole seeds as a political practice in defense of the food sovereignty, as well as his ethnographic research on the traditional economic practices of the peasant population of the South Pacific, which advocates the understanding and defense of other forms of value outside the sphere of capital.

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