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Esteban Solera and

Sebastian Cardona


  • Period: August 2015


  • CasaTresPatios area in which he participated: Communications.


  • Project: "From potato to potato", content translation.




Esteban Solera  is a tenth grade student at San José de la Salle High School, he entered Casa Tres Patios thanks to his friend Sebastián. “He told me a little about the work that was going on there, and it piqued my interest. In the foundation I have discovered many things that ended up being of great interest to me, such as the projects they carry out based on alternative pedagogy and uncertainty ”.


Sebastián Cardona studies at the San José de la Salle High School. He is in tenth grade and is 16 years old. He decided to enter Casa Tres Patios because he saw this place as an opportunity to meet new people and try to connect with the residents. When he first came to the foundation, he made a small good impression, although it was not what he expected.


"From potato to potato"


The work done with CasaTresPatios arose by pure chance, fueled by an interest in uncertainty. We translate potato to potato. Upon arrival, we were faced with a first decision, to work in the documentation center or to translate the works of the residents and the foundation's website into English. We made the decision to play at being translators, and since then we have been in the process of translating the website, and other things that occur over time.



"From potato to potato"


  • C3P website translation process (Spanish - English): We gained a little more in-depth learning of C3P's work. We had a hard time trying not to lose the context of a sentence when translating it.


  • Translation to the residency process of the resident Melle Smets (English - Spanish): It is interesting to see how Melle, from his thoughts, captures the image and idea that he observes of Medellín. Also observe your style.


  • Small transcription of an audio - interview in English by resident Natalia Castillo with Melle Smets: We had problems understanding what they were talking about, yet their conversation was full of content.




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