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Eduardo Yaguas

  • Date: August 2015

  • Country: Peru


"(Lima, 1981) Cartoonist and illustrator, simple and complicated at the same time, has an orderly narrative as well as a strong expression that he knows well how to capture in his comics and illustrations. He has won several comic book competitions, he also collaborates and works in different fanzines and magazines, thus becoming one of the leading authors of the new comics movement in Peru and Latin America. His first graphic novel will be published by the Pictorama publishing house in 2015. He also participates in different exhibitions and groups of graphic art, exploring different styles and situations ".

* Taken from:

Residency process
  • Drawing and comics workshop at the Spirit Laboratory, El Retiro, Antioquia

"" In the Laboratory of the Spirit, a communal and rural place, the topics or ideas that I discuss with the participants are very different. They are receptive, always interested in knowing new things. In the two sessions that I have oriented, the subject of violence has not been almost present, but one in particular has been fear.

In most of the stories made by the participants there was always a burden on the covered, the unexplored.

Telling stories with pictures is a path not yet explored by the participants, a path with a lot of brush to cut. For them as well as for me, it is an opportunity for self-knowledge and the power of abstraction. "

* Excerpt taken from Eduardo Yaguas' Log.

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