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Solo Arte

Solo Arte


Solo Arte is an artistic, pedagogical and community project in Necoclí, Antioquia. Fundación Interactuar contacted Casa Tres Patios to advise the team in Solo Arte project to strengthen its residency program for artists. In the course of the consultancies, other organizational needs were identified, such as the development of their strategic plan and their knowledge of the resource management processes and the development of budgets and proposals for entities that can provide support for their programs with the community.

The consultancies were financed by the Comfama compensation fund.


It is a project of the ACDI VOCA Alliance for Reconciliation Program, which is possible thanks to the Agency for International Development (USAID) in alliance with the EAFIT and Edinburgh University, the Casa Tres Patios Foundation and the Mr. Klaje collective. Here we seek to strengthen the work of six collectives from communes 8 and 13, with a focus on diversity and the destigmatization of migration. Each group will receive 48 hours of virtual training on topics such as community work, resource management and communication. The allied entities in the project will support the formulation and implementation of six productive initiatives led by the participants. Content that propose new narratives around the recognition of people as agents of change will also be jointly constructed.


Implementation phases:

  • Strengthening life skills: psychosocial support from DecidoSer in coordination with partner methodologies. 

  • Promotion of competences to the groups: a training process will be carried out that will be certified by the EAFIT University 

  • Social mobilization: co-creation of a communication and dissemination strategy 

  • Preparation and implementation of pedagogical initiatives of territorial impact and delivery of seed capital.  



120 young people (10-29 years)​

Migrants 42%​

Colombians returned 20%​

LGBTIQ community + 10%


General data:

Registered: 150 young people 

Active participants: 92 participants, 61.3%  registered (150)  

77% in relation to goal (120)

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