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CuBO.X Seminar



Relationship between CuBO.X and the CuBO.X Seminar?


The CuBO.X Seminar was developed in parallel to the CuBO.X ; The resident artists, a teacher and a group of students who carry out research and inquiry processes participated in it, motivated by the artist's project.


Through research, conversation, writing and criticism, the seminar sought to develop in students the ability to analyze, evaluate artistic proposals, and creatively interpret their observations about artists. It is a format that proposes a different methodology to that of the master class in which the teacher does a reading of the subject and the participation of the students is secondary.


In this methodology, on the contrary, a horizontal dialogue is established between all in which each one argues their considerations and exercises criticism both towards what they produce within the course and towards what their classmates produce.


During their internships, the artists of CuBO.X hold three public talks in which the students of the seminar actively participate. From the projects proposed by the artists, the students carried out personal investigations in which they inquired about the media, processes and contexts, and the work of other artists related to the theme of the invited artist.



The CuBO.X Seminar is an academic format that was held during 2013 for students of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Antioquia.


  • Encourage university students to investigate contemporary artists and evaluate their processes, in order to actively participate in the generation of thought around contemporary artistic practices.


  • Guide research processes that contextualize artistic practices and their link with society. Research is not the end, it is a means for the student to expand their knowledge of art and develop capacities to assess artistic processes, for argumentation, to think critically, and to formulate their own thought.


  • 25 students from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Antioquia.

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