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Covid 19 Food distribution project



Deliver 80 bags of groceries to underprivileged local families and immigrants in the Prado Centro neighborhood, to address their needs during the COVID-19 contingency.




The beneficiaries of the 80 markets are immigrant and local families composed mainly of 4-9 people with unsatisfied basic needs. Due to the effects of Covid-19 on the economy and the job market, most of these people have lost their jobs. The beneficiaries have expressed their gratitude for this initiative because it will help them overcome this situation and guarantee the well-being of their families. Some of them were moved by the fact that this was the only support they received during this contingency, so they provided names of other people who are in a similar situation.


Project description


With the support of the Caring for Colombia organization, on May 7 and 8, the Casa Tres Patios Foundation delivered 80 markets to families in vulnerable situations, both immigrants and locals living in Prado Centro. The organization bought the groceries between May 2 and 6 at the small neighborhood store, Granero Mixto Samot, to support these small merchants. They included rice, oil, salt, flour, panela, lentils, beans, milk, chocolate, toast, tuna, and sardines. Beneficiaries were identified through contact with community leaders and also included some families who had participated in previous Foundation workshops and activities. Due to the biosecurity conditions to avoid Covid-19, Casa Tres Patios assigned collection times, so it was possible to avoid the concentration of people, and the beneficiaries had to come with masks and gloves.



Covid 19 Food distribution project

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