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Anupam Singh

  • Date of residence: July - August 2019

About the Artist





Anupam Singh is a socially engaged artist and educator from Mumbai, India. His interdisciplinary work is framed in the field of art and social practice from where he explores the collaborative nature of doing and questions the ideas of authorship, production, art circulation and the relationship with the public.


Among the central elements of his artistic practice are narratives, language and his indigenous identity. Anupam Singh believes that we are creating our history through the social commitments we make; language is a means of communicating, creating and establishing social relationships in different contexts. Regarding his indigenous identity, this is the starting point for many projects in which he investigates the way in which each person creates a notion about himself from the interaction with others.

In 2013 he founded the Center for Arts and Social Practice (CASP). A non-profit organization with presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Pune focused on organizing and connecting social artistic practices in India and internationally. He works between India and Portland, Oregon in the United States.


During his residency he will investigate movement as a process that takes place between memory and imagination, as we recognize where we are or where we want to go at the moment when we are aware of where we started from or what we would like to be different in the future. Within the framework of the residency, he hopes to work with the FARC political group to learn a part of the history of Colombia and reflect on the transit of these men and women after the demobilization process. He is interested in developing this research in the company of groups of local artists, art students and groups of ex-guerrillas to generate collaborative processes.

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