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Leon Felipe Jimenez

  • Date of residence: October 2019

About the Artist





León Felipe Jiménez (Bogotá, Colombia) is a plastic and audiovisual artist, expeditionary and biologist in training, with experience in artistic, audiovisual and pedagogical processes. Since 2018 he has been co-creator and director of the independent audiovisual project Altano Project, to which he now dedicates himself full time. Altano Project has a strong interest in cross-disciplinary projects between art as language and the sciences, particularly biology, natural history, and anthropology.

He is a professional RPAS (drone) pilot, certified with APD registration COL5190R84D. His activity as a pilot takes place in the field of photography and audiovisuals.

His artistic field is related to artistic practices in community, collaborative work and the construction of trans-disciplinary networks between agents in the field of art and among other types of participatory audiences. His plastic production proposes to trace an exercise of articulation between branches such as agriculture, ecology, the (re) knowledge of popular and ancestral knowledge and the (re) activation of collective memory. His work experience falls on art processes and children's pedagogy, design and creation of spaces for art and early childhood, urban agriculture projects, design and construction of ornamental and productive gardens, and green walls.



León Felipe will seek to investigate a series of causes and effects, present during the last decades of the armed conflict, that lead the man who takes refuge and the persecutor (who belong to the group to which they belong, armed or not) are immersed in the enough and exuberant biodiversity of the national territory, and they come directly face to face with that world of the animal and the vegetable, inevitably producing some interesting events to observe. So then, it has recently begun to gather stories that point to an idea to be developed: the idea of ​​the armed man, guerrilla or paramilitary, who fulfills or fulfilled a role of forest guard in his place of settlement, either due to fortuitous causes, secrecy and isolation. of an armed camp or by their own will to want to protect natural life. Undoubtedly, now all the knowledge of the natural environment of men and women who belonged to armed groups and who remained hidden for so long between the mountains and the jungle, is now, in times of dialogue within the framework of this, that we can hardly begin to call 'peace', in search of potential knowledge for scientific, exploration and ecotourism projects such as bird watching. During your residency period, you would like to work on a project related to an ETCR in Antioquia, either the one located in Anorí or Mutatá.

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