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Juan David Quintero

  • Date of residence: September - October 2019

About the Artist





Juan David Quintero (Bogotá, Colombia) is a historian from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá, an expert in curatorship, education and cultural management. Since 2010 he has worked at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogotá in the areas of education and curation, where I have made 38 exhibitions, coordinating the creation of the Barrio Museo project, 28 interventions on the facades of the Barrio Minuto de Dios carried out by different artists of graffiti from Colombia, Argentina, France, Canada, Switzerland and the United States.

Curator of the ABRAHADABRA exhibition of Colombian and Brazilian artists in 2014, at the Marta Traba Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Graffiti Curator of the Year Colombia-France (2016) with the French Curator Alliance invited to the Latin American Graffiti Festival in Lima Peru (2017). He has worked with the French Alliance of Bogotá, carried out the graffiti curatorships between artists from France and Colombia (2015-2019). Curator of various exhibitions with the Colombian American Center of Bogotá, the Espacio Alterno de Uniandinos gallery and Casa Hoffman. And in January 2018 I was invited as a curator to the Barda del Desierto residency for a month, to work with various artists from Europe and Latin America.

He has been invited to conferences and workshops in Cali, Medellín, Popayán, Manizales, Pereira, Armenia, Cartagena and Guayaquil.

For Casa Tres Patios, community research processes are part of its mission as a house, Juan David will be able to contribute new research tools and knowledge.



During his residency, Juan David will investigate the knowledge of the practices of graffiti, muralism, poster design, music, knowledge and related activities that are taking place in the city of Medellín by different artists from the community. It will seek to understand a little more how these dynamics are carried out and how they are related to institutions such as the Museum of Antioquia, the MAMM, House Museum of Memory, galleries, independent spaces, Casa Tres Patios Foundation and educational institutions. Taking into account that the relationship with the city of Bogotá is strong and the door has been opened to these practices from different spaces such as: Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogotá, The French Alliance, El Colombo Americano, Casa Tinta, Galería Beta, Galería View, Series 5, Bandy Bandy Gallery, Casa Jauría, La Biblioteca Nacional, among other places.

He is interested in carrying out a comparative analysis, based on a written reflection that allows him to find synergy and connection between the two cities and these, the practices of urban art, so that he can link them in each context.

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