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Julieth Morales

  • Date of residence: September - October 2019

About the Artist





Julieth Morales (Silvia, Cauca) is a plastic artist graduated from the National University of Cauca (2019). From her experience as a Misak indigenous woman and through her artistic work, which involves performance, video, painting, drawing and sound, she thinks about the relationship between gender and ethnicity.

“The artist reformulates traditional rites of her community in a critical way, with the body as a denouncing medium. Morales' work represents the exploration of a hybrid existence, of her identity as a Misak woman in a context of Westernization. As an artist, Morales seeks to reclaim her own existence as an indigenous woman who challenges, or rather, rethinks tradition ”.

The artist was the winner of the seventh version of the Sara Modiano award in 2019 ( press release ).



The artist will organize meeting spaces with men and women from the city of Medellín to spin and unweave structures in wool. Through actions related to rituals of her indigenous community Julieth Morales seeks to connect two cultures, the Misak and the mestizo, and think collectively about the identity of each person and how it is determined by historical, cultural, social and political aspects.

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